Cooperative Education Program Position Description Application

  1. A written position description relating to the program and showing types of learning experiences and responsibilities is required for each position prior to setting up a co-op/internship. To do this, complete the form below. It will be reviewed by a faculty mentor to determine if it qualifies as a Co-op/college credit.
  2. All Co-op/internship positions must be paid; salary is determined by employer.
  3. Cooperative Education at UW-Stout requires a minimum of 320 hours of experience per semester.
  4. Please complete this form and submit it.
By completing the form below, the employer agrees to do the following:
  • Provide an overview and training for the Co-op student and assist the student in completing goals related to the Co-op experience.
  • Pay salaries at the wage agreed upon and provide meaningful work assignments.
  • Complete two student evaluations per semester; ensuring feedback on student performance is received by student and university. Evaluations will be provided by UW-Stout Co-op student upon arrival.
  • Employ the student during the period agreed upon with the student (Minimum of 320 hours).
  • Immediately inform the Cooperative Education Coordinator of any performance problems or work related injury concerning the student so possible adjustments can be made. Call (715) 232-1601
  • Provide a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  • Provide a safe work environment.
  • NOTE:
    It is understood that a Co-op job offered to a student as a result of recruitment through Career Services MUST be done as a Co-op experience. Therefore, after a Co-op position is accepted Career Services needs to be notified.

Request for assignment of a co-op student in the described position is approved and will not result in the displacement of a regular employee or impair existing contracts for services. This form is not a contract. The company or agency is not obligated to accept any applicant.

Before submitting this form please print a copy for your records.

UW-Stout is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution committed to diversity in its people and programs.

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  • Students are required to work at least 320 hours per semester.
  • To be considered a full-time student, students must work 40+ hours per week
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